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We produce many kinds of spandex fabric and have been exporting for long since 1990.






Ski wear and all glove use


Material Description

SPAN 40D 18%/NF40D 82% 60" 280GR/Y

SPAN 40D 17%/PF45/24SD 83% 60" 280GR/Y

SPAN 40D 18%/NF40SPK 82% 60" 280 GR/Y

SPAN 40D 17%/PF50/24FD 83% 60" 280 GR/Y

SPAN 40D 17%/PF50/72DTY 83% 60" 280 GR/Y

SPAN 40D 20%/NF40D /34FD 80% 60" 280 GR/Y

SPAN 21%/NYLON 79% 60" 350 GR/Y


All color and thickness available according to customer`s need

Manufacturing country:South Korea

Payment Terms: T/T

Delivery terms: FOB,Korea

MOQ:More than 1,000Y